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June 4, 2022 – 10:20 p.m. – Economy – By: SA

Having already canceled several flights, including some operated to Morocco due to a strike by its cabin crew, Ryanair could again take such a decision. And for good reason, the SNPNC-FO, representing the hostesses and stewards at the company, filed on June 3 an indefinite strike notice during the summer period.

In a statement, the union said the dates on which it will call to stop work will be communicated to the company in due course. “However, it is clear that in the line of sight will be the July 14 bridge as well as the waves of departures and arrivals of summer vacationers,” he said.

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The union denounces the non-respect of labor law, the Civil Aviation Code, in particular rest times and “misleading communication from management to its employees concerning the progress of negotiations”.

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