Faced with rising fuel prices, the government has introduced a rebate of 18 cents per liter at the pump. During his interview with the regional press, Emmanuel Macron provided some details about this boost.

Good news for Augustians. While fuel prices are breaking records, the government made a move at the end of March to reduce the bill for the French. Since April 1, a discount of 18 cents per liter is placed directly at the pump.

And Emmanuel Macron confirmed the extension of this measure in August during his interview granted to Midi Libre. “Yes”, the Augustians will always have the discount of 18 cents, he assured. “There must be visibility for our compatriots. I give it to you.” This announcement is part of targeted measures put in place by the government to improve the purchasing power of the French.

A help which is however not unlimited

Initially, the measure was to last four months, and therefore end on July 31. Finally, it is still extended this summer. And this extension could well be the last… to fight against inflation, “we will have to go towards more targeted devices as on gasoline with a device for large wheelers from this fall,” said the head of state.

A device already announced by Bruno Le Maire the day after Emmanuel Macron’s re-election, on France info. For the current president, one of the responses to rising prices, including those at the pump, remains “to accelerate the exit from our dependence on gas and oil“.

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