While state services and retail players have launched a discussion process around the reinforced Quality Price Shield, one of the major retail players is throwing a stone into the pond.

Questioned this week by our colleagues from the BRUT website, Michel Edward Leclerc, president of the Association of the centers distributors E. Leclerc, indeed thinks that one lies to us.

Inflation is global, but the rates are not justified. There is a lot of speculation, anticipation, and when we invoke the war in Ukraine to justify the increase in chocolate or coffee, it’s a pipe. It’s even rude. Lately, sunflower oil is said to have disappeared on the pretext that the harvest did not take place in Ukraine, whereas if you go to Lesieur’s Twitter account, they claim that their seeds are French.

Indeed, we recently mentioned the absence of certain products on the shelves (mustard, oil and other basic necessities). Lhe boss of the E. Leclerc centers denounces the methods of manufacturers to cause these shortages.

These are sometimes ruptures caused by negotiations, suppliers who no longer want to deliver because it is not paid well enough. And there is a financialization of the commodity market. Some players put money in to make hits, buy inventory, hold back, and when the media then talks about a shortage, everyone rushes to buy at full price. Lublic decision-makers talk a lot about offsetting the effects of inflation but do not arm us against this scourge.

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