On an incredible trip to Croatia, members of the Supercars Owners Circle had to board a ferry to get from shore to shore.

The scene is almost lunar and the biggest automobile fans will remain amazed by these images. On board, the most beautiful cars in the world. A Lamborghini Countach LPI800, a Pagani Zonda Barchetta and even Bugatti: a Centodieci, a Veyron, a Chiron and even the famous and unique La Voiture Noire!

The motorists present that day were therefore treated to an exceptional spectacle before boarding this boat, the value of which rose significantly in just a few minutes.

A queue like no other

If you have ever boarded a ferry by car, you know that the wait before boarding is very long. But here, with all these supercars, it feels like being in a museum rather than in a queue!

Clement Fauriel

By w3my7

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