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The digital discounter, gambler turned vegan and animalist, undertakes to green Veepee, the platform he founded and is developing.

Not many important bosses wear very long hair, half-Leonardo da Vinci, half-hard rock guitarist. At nearly 60 years old, Jacques-Antoine Granjon lets this mop of hair float, which he sometimes rejects with a shrug of the shoulders. He has not been shorn by anxieties or fashions, the fatigue of being oneself or the need for respectability. Only a severe Covid made him fear losing them for a time. This less leonine than Renaissance mane definitely sets him apart in the galaxy of business leaders. Alone maybe Richard BransonMr. Virgin, 72 years old, has the disheveled as elaborate although more bronze.

Granjon has been wearing long since he was twenty-two, when he started out. Still at the helm, the Samson of digital pay has kept his strength and transformed Private sell in Veepee. It makes nearly 4 billion euros in annual turnover, employs 6,000 people, monopolizes continental Europe after having failed to conquer the Anglo-Saxon world. Unlike many tech tycoons, Granjon didn’t sell or get watered down. He took over the controls after a moment of fluttering, as if time progressing, it was necessary to return to the fundamentals. He holds the bar in his own way, standing on the…

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