“We would never have thought that this group could go bankrupt. Loïc and Sylvia, forty-somethings from the middle class, had entrusted the construction of their small pavilion to Maisons Phénix. “We chose this builder for the price, the deadlines and because we felt they were trustworthy. “Parents of four children, they faced the confinements with difficulty and had decided to settle in Baltzenheim, in the Colmar countryside. “We didn’t think we could buy a house. It was a second wind after the Covid period. Now everything is falling apart. »

Located in a new subdivision, at the exit of this small village of 500 inhabitants, the site has not progressed for several months. “Once the slab was laid, the house came out of the ground in 3 weeks, but since March nothing has been done,” explains Loïc. Inside, it presents with lots of…

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