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Driving in the middle of the road in his kart, the author of this video was well aware that he was not legal. And if the beginning of his escapade goes smoothly, our “pilot” started to panic when he met the police.

But when you’re told to panic, it’s not just a way of speaking. No, the driver of the kart literally lost his temper and tried, at all costs, to distance himself from the police as quickly as possible.

To do this, he did not hesitate to overtake in a very cavalier way and take advantage of the power of his kart to weave between the cars. Obviously, this is a poor example to give and this video also shows us why this type of vehicle is prohibited on the roads.


Needless to say that it is especially not to reproduce on your side. Because yes, in addition to the illegal side of this kart ride, the driver really drives anyhow and takes very big risks to get away from the police…

Clement Fauriel

By w3my7

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