What if we went to work by bike, even if it was 17 km, morning and evening? David Bertin, 41, living in Mauges, has taken up this habit. Every day, he leaves Montjean-sur-Loire (Mauges-sur-Loire) and joined his bike workshop The wheel spins (repair, rental and sale), opened in April 2021 in Marillais (Mauges-sur-Loire), on the Loire by bike circuit. It’s 45 minutes, okay! And with this weather, it’s nice. We will see this winter if I continue on such a regular basis. In the beginning, you have to make the effort. It’s not always easy to tell yourself that you’re going to cycle ten kilometers to go to work. And in rural areas, it’s more like 25, 30 km, in general. But after a while, it gets cushyassures the cycling enthusiast, who swallows 30 to 100 km per day on a mountain bike.

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