Energy prices are exploding, the winter promises to be harsh and the energy bill is dreaded by millions of households. However, there are some little-known tricks that can simply reduce your electricity consumption. On its website, the company EDF published a list of “eco-gestures” to save money. And one of them concerns an action to be carried out on your refrigerator, one of the most energy-consuming household appliances.

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Reduce electricity consumption by 30%

According to the energy company, regular cleaning of the device can help reduce the costs associated with its use. And it is, more precisely, the maintenance of the grid on the back of your refrigerator which reduces its electricity consumption by 30%. EDF recommends dusting the rear grill, ensuring that the seals are clean and tight. The dust and dirt removed avoid overconsumption of your fridge.

Other gestures related to the fridge can help reduce your energy bill, such as regularly defrost the doors so that the cold can be distributed properly.

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