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The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase

On platforms like Ulule or Tipeee, subscribers finance the production and dissemination of false information every day by responding to calls for donations from conspiratorial personalities they follow on social networks.

“I want to highlight the work of journalists around the world who thwart single thought and make a program dedicated to real news, the one that others generally keep silent about. I therefore need your support and I let you discover our project by clicking on the Tipeee link”. This is how the former presenter Karl Zéro puts forward, to his almost 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, his “investigative web-TV” project called Envers-TV. To obtain the money needed to launch the platform, the journalist therefore uses an effective and well-known method: crowdfunding. The conspiracy uses it massively and hundreds, even thousands of individuals donate money. This contributes to creating a business model as well as producing and disseminating conspiratorial content and false information.

Karl Zero is trying to raise 75,000 euros to launch his platform (some 34,000 euros already raised on Tuesday). For that price, no exclusive content but documentaries and investigations picked up by the former Canal + presenter. On the menu, for example, an “investigation” produced and carried out by Tommy Robinson, a figure of the British radical far right, on the rapes committed by Pakistanis in the United Kingdom. Production which is also available for free (in English) on Robinson’s website as well as on his Gettr account, a social network modeled on Twitter and …


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