Both Air France and SNCF have finally understood that these cards make it possible to retain passengers. But are they doing it well? Philippe LOPEZ / AFP

INVESTIGATION – Ticket prices are soaring and, as if to clear customs, carriers are promoting their cards at more attractive prices than ever. But are they really that beneficial? Complete overview of what they allow (and what they do not allow).

In the past, discount cards were earned: they were expensive and it took several trips to pay for them. If their price has fallen sharply, it’s because Air France and SNCF have finally understood that they make it possible to retain passengers, and that a cheap card attracts customers… Even if they don’t care. use little, if ever! So, good plan or to flee?

Are you “pro” or “leisure”?

To the SNCF, while the prices of the Avantage and Liberté cards have fallen, the price of tickets has increased. The old “pro” card, formerly “Fréquence” then renamed “Liberté” under the leadership of the former director of Voyages SNCF, Rachel Picard, went from an average price of €700 to €399. The time of promos that occur regularly, it even goes to 299 €. But at the same time, the price of tickets purchased with this card jumped between 8% and 27% depending on the time and destination.

Same trend for Advantage cards intended for a “leisure” clientele. From now on…

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